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MEF Academy Events
 30Termination of Employment - During & Post MCO30 November - 1 December 2020
 01Tasks Automation with Microsoft Excel VBA/Macro1-2 Dec 2020
 02Understanding Labour Laws2-3 December 2020
 02Reinforcing Leadership & Governance Under the New Normal2-3 December 2020
 07“Criminal” Misconduct in Employment7-8 December 2020
 09PowerPivot: Powerful Data Analysis and Data Modeling in Microsoft Excel9-10 Dec 2020
 17Microsoft Excel Functions & Formulas17-18 December 2020

 'Employers need more time to comply with Act 446'  MEF President Dato’ Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman J.P. said: “While MEF recognises the need to improve the accommodation standards for foreign workers, we seek the compassion of the government to take into account the current situation and to not penalise employer for failing to comply with the Act. Thursday, 26 November 2020
 'MEF applauds APEC KL Declaration and Putrajaya Vision'  MEF President Dato’ Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman congratulated the government for pioneering the KL Declaration among the APEC economies through an open, vibrant, transparent and sustainable trading systems. Wednesday, 25 November 2020
 'MEF: Constant engagement with Minister of Finance addresses current and future needs of employers'  MEF strongly supports the Minister of Finance’s efforts to engage with MEF in finding solutions to regenerate the Malaysian economy that has been devastated by the effects of Covid-19. Tuesday, 24 November 2020
 'i-Sinar would cushion those in need during extremely challenging times'  MEF President Dato’ Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman commended the government and the EPF for introducing the i-Sinar facility which allows about two million eligible contributors to make RM500 withdrawals from their Account 1 for six months beginning in Jan 2021.Thursday, 19 November 2020
 'RCEP would boost economic revival post MCO situation'  MEF President Dato’ Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman J.P. said the trade agreement that was concluded between 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, allows Malaysia’s companies to access more than a third of the world’s market.Wednesday, 18 November 2020
 'Allow employers from all sectors to recruit foreign workers under the Workforce Recalibration Programme'  Whilst the Return Recalibration programme will assist the illegal foreign workers to be repatriated, the Workforce Recalibration programme which will allow the legalisation of illegal foreign workers may not address labour shortage problems faced by employers as most of the illegal foreign workers are either currently duly employed or self-employed.Friday, 13 November 2020
 'Extend loan moratorium to ensure business survivability'  Whilst the government initiatives to accelerate economic recovery have been well received, there are much more that is needed to keep companies afloat and at the same time maintaining the employment of existing employees. Wednesday, 11 November 2020
 MEF stands firmly with the government initiatives to accelerate economic recovery  MEF stands firmly with the government in prioritising economic recovery and growth to ensure the revival of businesses and the preservation and creation of jobs.Sunday, 8 November 2020
 'Budget 2021 addresses critical concerns'  MEF President Dato’ Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman J.P. said that the extension of the wage subsidy programme and the various incentives provided to employers to encourage the recruitment of graduates, retirees, ex-convicts, ex-drug addicts and jobseekers would provide employers with the necessary support in the current very challenging and difficult economic situation. Friday, 6 November 2020
 'MEF lauds efforts to prioritise employment of locals over expats, foreign workers'  The government’s decision to prioritise the employment of locals by requiring employers to advertise for job vacancies in MYFutureJobs portal before hiring new expatriates or foreign workers is a positive step to resolve unemployment issues especially for the fresh graduates.Saturday, 31 October 2020
 Tough times for seniors  Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan pointed out that the demand for senior citizens “is weak and not encouraging”.Monday, 23 November 2020
 RCEP will boost economic revival, says MEF  President Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman said the trade pact made between 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region would provide Malaysian companies access to more than a third of the world’s market.Thursday, 19 November 2020
 MEF sambut baik langkah KWSP benar keluarkan akaun satu  Pengarah Eksekutifnya, Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan berkata, inisiatif itu suatu tindakan baik kerana ia dikhususkan kepada golongan terjejas seperti yang kehilangan pekerjaan, diberi cuti tanpa gaji atau tiada sumber pendapatan.Tuesday, 17 November 2020
 Ensuring conducive housing for construction workers  Shamsuddin urged industry players to adhere to the standard operating procedures to break the chain of infection.Tuesday, 17 November 2020
 Wage subsidy crucial with Klang Valley CMCO, says employers group  Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said, the wage subsidy programme (WSP) has been a crucial form of support for businesses and firms to keep surviving.Friday, 13 November 2020
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Termination of Employment - During & Post MCOOnline Learning-Microsoft Teams30 November - 1 December 2020
Tasks Automation with Microsoft Excel VBA/MacroOn-Line & Class-room Basis (subject to government’s approval, terms & conditions)1-2 Dec 2020
Understanding Labour LawsOnline Learning-Microsoft Teams2-3 December 2020

2018p 2019f
Key Indicators*
Population (million)32.432.7
Real GDP (% Growth)4.74.3 ~ 4.8
Per Capita Income (RM)42,62744,275
CPI (% Growth)1.00.7 ~ 1.7
Labour Indicators*
Labour Force (million persons)15.315.6
Employment (million persons)14.815.1
Unemployment Rate (%)3.43.3 ~ 3.5
Retrenchment (persons)23,168N/A
Foreign Workers ('000)2,015N/A
Average Salary Increase**
Executive (%)4.88%4.86%
Non Executive (%)4.88%4.89%
Average Bonus Granted**
Executive (months)2.182.06
Non Executive (months)1.951.97
pPreliminary   fForecast  
Source: * BNM Annual Reports
             ** MEF Salary Surveys

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