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Upcoming Trainings & Events
Optimizing the Power of Microsoft Excel in Human ResourcesOnline Learning-Microsoft Teams 11-12 March 2021
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Course Fee: RM954 per person
If you are a HR Professional, you will likely have the tasks of managing and executing its various functions e.g. compensation and benefits, recruitment processes, performance management and training & development. In managing these tasks, many practitioners do not realize the full potential of Microsoft Excel and how extensively this tool can help to get the work done efficiently. This 2 days hands-on training will equip participants with the knowledge and skills of Microsoft Excel as an important tool to enhance work efficiency and improve HR management.
Who to Attend
The course is relevant to HR Professional who wishes to optimize the power of Microsoft Excel in HR.
Module 1: Constructing a HR framework with Excel Tables
Getting your Data Entry Right! Ensure data entry is easier by using Excel Tables. The dynamics of Excel table will enable user to fill and update formulas automatically. This will allow user to structure, view and present data systematically.
Module 2: Formatting your Data Systematically
Learn to construct a standardize format in your HR Application. Apply the flexibility and the dynamics in entering date format, numerical format, placing of decimals and other formatting features.
Module 3: Data Validation in HR
Understand the way how Data Validation is applied in various HR scenarios and how a HR Practitioner can applying interactive dropdown list, set criterion, limits and rules on what data a user can enter in Excel table.
Module 4: Analysing Data
Manage, organize and summarize data based on your criteria with the Sort and Subtotal features. You may filter and set criterion to extract data that you intend to analyse using the Auto Filter and Advanced Filter features.
Module 5: Functions and Formulas in HR
Extend the use of critical formulas in enhancing work efficiency by understanding Excel Relative Reference, Absolute Reference, Name Range, Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, SumIf, CountIf, If, And, Or, VLookup and the date functions in managing HR tasks.
Module 6: Creating Visual Presentation with Charts
Learn the basics of charts and determine which charts are relevant in different scenarios. Apply the skills in modifying, adjusting chart and the layouts for an impressive presentation.
Module 7: Summarizing HR Data with PivotTable
Gathering and reporting data is often an important function within organizations, particularly for HR.  PivotTable makes HR tasks far more meaningful and easy in managing volumes of data: salary, compensation, bonuses, head-counts and etc. An interactive PivotTable will enable you to analyse data and produce reports on a regular basis. You will also learn to build PivotChart to visually represent PivotTable data.
Module 8: Confidentiality and Data Protection in HR Management
Data Security and confidentiality are the most issues in HR. Learn to safeguard data and information by setting different levels of security measures available in Excel.
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