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The Asia-Pacific region is undergoing major and rapid economic and social changes in an economy characterized by continued globalisation, technological change and enhanced competition.

Employers' organizations in the region need to better understand these national, sub-regional, regional and international developments, so as to better serve their member enterprises in order to make the environment in the Asia-Pacific region an attractive and better place to do business in, as well as to promote social and economic development for its people. Thus, they need to discuss these issues and to develop a well-coordinated common response and strategy to deal with them.

We, the employers' organizations which participated in the 5th Asia-Pacific High-Level Employers' Conference held in Singapore, October 2000, conscious of our role in the formulation of socio-economic policies for stability and growth, recognizing the challenges and opportunities of globalization, and realizing the imperative need for cooperation, cohesion and interaction in a borderless economy, hereby establish


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